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Myron Memories News

Tuesday, May 01, 2001
**Updated 4/26/01**
Boy, I sure hope you have looked around by now, because if not, you are going to have a lot of clicking ahead of you! :) We have just added a whole new page full of features built mainly to keep all of us family in contact! There is now a Myron Memories forum (you will have to sign up, but it only takes a second and it is worth it!!), you can post messages AND pictures on the Message Board, and even participate in live chat! This is cool stuff guys, and it could be ALOT of fun if you guys get involved! If you are having any problems with it at all, just let me know!

So check out the Myron Memories Forum now!

**Updated 4/22/01**
Hey everybody! Hopefully you have gotten a chance to check out the site at least once so far, because there have already been a lot of changes! We have shuffled things around a bit, and will continue to do so as we get more and more pictures. To start off, we have added a bunch of cool features to the left: sign our Guestbook, click to receive updates when we add new content to the site by clicking the "Mind-It" button, clicking on the "No excuses, Come Visit..." will lead to a map from your door to ours and driving directions, and finally, there is the "Pass It Along" button to tell other Myrons about the site. We have updated the Our Memories page, and the Furry Family page, and we added a new page called Our Travels where you can share our vacation memories with us. We are starting to receive more and more childhood pictures, and that is GREAT - if we get enough, we will start a new page! Look forward to an album of our new house, an album of our "apartment" at Joel's house, and an album of just us over the years because they are ALL coming soon! Also coming soon: check out the Our Travels page for our Postcards Around The World concept that will be up and running before ya know it.

Check out the new "Our Videos" section for exciting new creations of past memories!!

Hi there! We have received many, MANY requests for pictures and updates since our formal wedding in June, so I built this website in hopes of keeping the whole family in touch and up-to-date. Fortunately for us, (though unfortunate for those waiting on us) we have been really busy with both our jobs and our new responsibilities as both homeowners and dog owners!

Therefore, at "Myron Memories" we will bring you pictures of our new house as we have work done, our doggie Bob as he continues to grow, and of ourselves as we go new places and do new things. On one hand it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to know that much about our lives, but on the other hand I understand completely...

Ok, so now that you know what you are here for, Enjoy! Check out Our Memories for pictures of our scrapbook from '97-'98, our Kauaiian (coming soon!) & June weddings, our golden retriever BOB, and more!